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About us


An educator once told me that ‘education often happens in spite of the system not because of it.’ I have been privileged in my formal education in the construction of the digital medias but I am aware of the various barriers that exist for people that might want to gain the knowledge I have spent time and money on to receive.

I am also aware of the liberating power of education and the impact that a teacher might have.

This website is a manifestation of my desire to teach. To teach at a pace that will truly benefit everyone. And to teach in a location (your own homes) where everyone will be comfortable.

In the end it is not for me to tell you whether you should pursue your passions but if you should so choose to I would like to give you convenient access to the tools that you will undoubtedly require to advance in the medias

BIMSociety is the first global social network where all the participants involved in the lifecycle of a construction project can get informed, connect with professionals and companies from all over the world and grow in a BIM environment.
With an enduring commitment to sustainable building processes, BIMSociety wants to encourage the AEC industry with huge challenges yet to come. We strongly believe that collaboration will bring us to a better future, where all the cities are more efficient and sustainable, and BIM is the way to do it.
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